"I’ve created Insight Machines to explore the world. First, through simulation and games, later through modelling and visualisation tools. My focus was on creating software that gives insight into real world problems and helps with managing their complexity. Insight Machines worked with NGOs, private businesses even schools and provided software that they used in their own ventures. Now, as the world enters the era of interconnected devices and artificial intelligence, it is time for Insight Machines to adapt. It’s time to explore the strange new world of the Internet of Things…"

Grzegorz Hołdys,

Selected Projects

chipKIT Project Import Plugin

A plugin for Microchip's MPLAB X IDE that allows chipKIT users to import their projects to the IDE. This is an open source project that is under constant development.

“PQ-FMEA” - tool for FMEA

Application created for PROQUAL Management Institute designed as a tool for FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis).

“Pizzeria” - Small Business Simulator

A simulation game designed for a Polish high school to be used during microeconomics classes. A simple simulator, that allows students to test their management skills against market forces, government regulations and good old bad luck.

“Vehicle Dynamics Engine”

A 3D physics engine for car games, written entirely in Java. It was just an experiment, but the result was very enjoyable.

”Fish Business“ - Sustainable Business Game

A browser game created for a Polish association called “Centrum Rozwiązań Systemowych”. The game is a "tycoonish" multiplayer sort of thing, with an accent on sustainable development under free market competition. The game was used during workshops with a number of players playing against each other.

“The economy, stupid!” - macroeconomics game

A free macroeconomics game, that lets players try their skills in governing an average-sized European country. A simple game with very basic graphics for economy buffs. Runs on the Java Virtual Machine.


Insight Machines Laboratory is a place where all the new ideas for new Insight Machines hardware and software come to life. It's a hacking and prototyping laboratory where concepts are given a chance to prove themselves. Not all projects are serious - some are just for fun. Curious in what the Lab is building right now? Check out its Facebook page: